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Cafes in Glasgow: My top 4 places.

I’ve never moved to a new place. I spent my whole childhood growing up in Wales so when I moved to Scotland everything was so new. Glasgow as a city is full of so many things, from pubs and clubs to great places to see performances. But, Glasgow is also very good at cafes.

Oh. my. god. Your cafes are some of the best I’ve been in. I travel for some of my work so I’ve tried a few places outside of our fine city and let me tell you, cafes outside of Glasgow very rarely come close.

Singl-end: A quirky cafe in Garnethill.

Start with the best! No cliffhangers here. Singl-end is relatively new to the Glasgow food scene, but it is one of my favourites. It’s quite a walk to get to, considering it is a steep incline to Garnethill to find it. But it’s a nice reward when you get to the top to have one of their reasonable sized sandwiches.

My recommendation would be to go for the steak because that changes all the time and it’s always nice. But having sampled a few items from their menu, I’m not disappointed by any of them!

Cranberry’s: The best cafe for eggs.

One of the more popular places I go to eat, Cranberry’s food is so nice it’s hard to drag yourself away. I would go every single day if I had the money too! Nestled in the middle of Merchant City, opposite Citation it can get quite busy. But I usually stick to visiting on a Sunday because they have an all day breakfast. 

Eggs Benedict is my favourite menu item here, but my girlfriend cannot get enough of their Pancakes, Bacon and Maple Syrup.

Cafe Wander: A cafe retreat in a busy city.

This little gem is hidden under one of the buildings along West George Street, but it’s worth the hide and seek. The service is always wonderful, although it can be busy at times but you’ll always served in good time. Although you don’t have the good views (unless you have a thing for feet and half a bus), I recommend sitting by the window it makes the place feel a bit less cramped.

I don’t have a particular favourite here, but try the daily soup special. I’ve always enjoyed it when I’ve ordered it!

Bill’s: A cafe chain for those who like quality.

I first saw these in Cardiff, but they have since come to Glasgow which I am glad about. They have a very open feel to their restaurant and have a great selection for Lunch and Breakfast. Service can be quite quick if you get in there when it’s relatively empty.

It’s also worth mentioning, you can buy jam and other things from their shop whilst you are in here.

Looking for something bigger? My top 2 lunch spots.

Old Salty’s

Proper fish and chips. This is what I love about this place, it’s very rare to get good fish and chips. I tend to go to the restaurant they have in Byres Road, because it’s easier to get too and has a better atmosphere, the other restaurant they have in Finnieston is nicer for take-outs.

Try out the whole menu here, portions are large though. The Chicken Schnitzel is my favourite here, but the fish and chips are amazing.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The burger war is well and truely underway in the city, but GBK is my favourite. Although I’ve tried a few of the burger places in Glasgow, the food here just keeps bringing me back! Especially their limited edition burgers (The Caerphilly Dragon was amazing!). Although none of the burgers come with chips as standard and they have to be ordered on the side, which is a slight flaw in my eyes.

If you want more of an idea of the burger places in Glasgow, I recommend reading Colour and Carousels Burger-a-thon blogs.

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