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4 Things to Scare Away Halloween Boredom

Halloween, is the time of year when I am constantly on edge because you never know what is coming around the corner. Especially this year because, well, clowns. It also falls inside one of my favourite seasons and is always one of my favourite holidays.

To help inspire people on things to do for Halloween over the years, I’ve created this post which highlights four of my favourite things to do on All Hallows Night.

A haunted ghost walk around an old building

I’ve had a ghost tour twice now, a couple of years ago we did a tour of Theatre Royal in Glasgow which was pretty cool. We heard a great amount of history of the theatre and we also got to hear some of the maybe true, maybe not true, tales of a young stagehand who worked at the theatre. I won’t tell you the ending, you’ll have to go for yourselves!

I also had the pleasure of living in Wales, near a place called St Fagans, which has a great Halloween evening every year. Where you hear all the history about the variety of buildings – no big scares just a lot of interesting history and spooky stories.

A terrifying night in a country park

Jumping, running, screaming, and shouting are all part of the thrill of Halloween. So when we had the opportunity to go to Mugdock Castle and Gardens for a scary Halloween experience, we jumped at the chance. We also jumped when we got there, jumped on the way around and jumped all evening after getting home.

It’s weird seeing this place at night, it’s also weird being chased by masked men with chainsaws, a zombie, several ghosts and having no idea where to go. Definitely worthwhile if you want to be terrified half to death.

Some scary movies or TV programmes

Alright, so you don’t want to go into the cold and get terrified – have a heart attack or sleep with the lights on for the next three weeks. Horror movies? Maybe. What I always love about the TV over Halloween is Most Haunted Live, which doesn’t seem to be on this year – but last year was absolutely amazing and has been absolutely amazing every time it’s been on!

Some people may say it’s staged, fake or terrible to watch but I quite like it.

Something less spooky: Pumpkin carving and a party

Every year, copytyper and I take a visit to the Arnprior Pumpkin Patch to pick our favourite pumpkins and spend the night before Halloween carving out faces. I’m not the best at carving pumpkins though but it’s definitely the taking part that counts.

A picture showing a pumpkin field, one of my favourite Halloween activities.

It’s become an annual tradition for us to head up to the Stirlingshire farm and has to be one of our favourite places. The farm itself also has plenty of spooky Halloween related activities for people of all ages to get involved in. The pumpkins from Arnprior are definitely a bit more expensive and don’t last as long as supermarket purchased ones but tend to be much bigger and make more of an impact of your front door.

Not your thing? We’ve also hosted a party for Halloween with an optional dress up for those not inclined to join in, with spooky-themed food, some games, and music. It’s a great way to get your family and friends involved in the festive season.

Is there something you like to do?

I would love to do a follow up to this with some of the things everyone likes to do on Halloween. Whether you are going indoors or staying outdoors on the spookiest night of the year.

I’ve also got another series looking at my favourite places to eat or my favourite museums. If you are interested in reading more about Glasgow.