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Food in London: 3 Great Places to Eat.

In the second part of my London series of posts, I wanted to talk about the food. Food is one of my favourite things in life, it might just be my absolute favourite thing. Sometimes when I am eating something really good I never want it to end.

So, I’ll try not to make you hungry but I hope my recommendations feed your imagination and fill your itineraries.

London is great, the food was brilliant and the most important part: cheap. We found some amazing restaurants that were nearly half the price of Glaswegian restaurants. Everyone says London is so expensive but I am yet to find anything like that.

Sky Garden

The best way to have breakfast in London is to sit 160m over the ground, right? We went to the top of 20 Fenchurch Street, better known as the Walkie Talkie, or the magical Jaguar melting building, depending on what newspapers you read.

Right at the top of this building, there are three floors of food, tree, and more food (also, some yoga) called The Sky Garden. We headed to it for breakfast and I had a wonderful muffin, with a great latte, and a chocolate croissant.

When you’ve got your food, which is surprisingly relatively cheap for being right in the city centre, there are amazing views across the city. Even if you are scared of heights its worth going up there to experience it. But make sure you book it in advance, it can get quite busy. So don’t take any risks, otherwise, you’ll leave disappointed.

The food in London is another level, this picture is of the Sky Pod bar showing the Muffin and Latte I purchased.

Cereal Killer Cafe

What is a great middle of the day snack? A chocolate bar? Maybe a packet of crisps? If you are in Camden though, you can head across to a larger version of the Shoreditch hipster cafe, Cereal Killer Cafe.

They have a choice of milk so it doesn’t matter whether you are lactose intolerant, prefer full-fat, skimmed, or semi-skimmed. There is also a choice of American or British cereal and extra toppings if you want to spice it up and you are in a restaurant that serves cereal, so why not? You can add chocolate stars, rainbow drops and many other things.

Sadly I feel this place got a lot of flack when it opened. Who would go to a restaurant and pay for someone to pour them cereal? But in all honesty, I definitely think you should give it a shot.

The Breakfast Club

We found this place by accident, but it was definitely welcome. We went into what looked like a primary school cloakroom and got a lovely seat next to the window to watch London late at night, which also meant it was definitely drunk London.

The food was delicious and cheap, weirdly again, cheaper than Glasgow. I ordered a sandwich, a proper sandwich. You can see it on my Instagram, it was a club sandwich full of cheese, ham, and sauerkraut. What made The Breakfast Club extra special was the fridge. You must think I’m crazy now, but the fridge was brilliant. Well, it wasn’t actually a fridge.

Whilst sitting minding our own business, every so often someone would disappear into the fridge. Gone, into a bright light. What was in the fridge we kept asking ourselves, so we decided to ask one of the servers. To keep the surprise under wraps, I won’t share any more details. You’ll have to go and have one of their amazing sandwiches and find out for yourself.

This is a continuation of my post on London, you about the attractions we visited in part 3, or look back at part 1 for travel.