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5 tourist traps in London you should visit.

The final part of my deep dive into London focused on tourist traps and has, by complete coincidence, coincided with the Easter Holidays. Just in time for you to finalise your plans if you are thinking of heading to the big city. With all of the attractions in London, how do you find which ones to go too? As a well-seasoned traveller (read: complete amateur) I thought I would give my two-cents.

There are some very obvious ones in here, but if you are striking these off your list then I want to tell you why you shouldn’t.

The London Eye is terrifying but a definite must-ride.

Being terrified of heights, you’d think I wouldn’t go on this. Well, you’d be wrong and I should have listened to you because you are correct. But you didn’t come with me to London to be my voice of reason and before I knew it, I was circling above London on a terrifying death trap.

However, with or without a phobia you should definitely go on this because the views are completely spectacular. The queue is incredibly long though but goes down reasonably quickly and to put your mind at ease, it really isn’t as scary as I make out. It circles around slow enough for you to grab some touristy snaps of the city.

Greenwich Royal Observatory. Stand on the meridian line and be at 0 GMT.

There are many reasons to visit this place, the first thing that will come to anyone’s mind is the Meridian Line, it is one of the main reasons most people go and you should definitely be there to take your picture on it.

But there is more to it than that, walking from the¬†Cutty Sark tube station takes you through the lovely Greenwich Park which has views of London’s skyline the higher you get. Once inside you can see the line, then head across to the Royal Astronomers house and into the planetarium for a relaxing half-hour of looking at the stars. If you are interested in the night sky then this is one place you have to visit.

A generic tourist picture of the London skyline, taken from Greenwich park.

The Tower of London is one of the most popular tourist traps but a must.

Probably one of the busiest tourist traps in London, but a massive historical significance to the whole city and Scotland with Mary, Queen of Scots being beheaded there. You can also view the crown jewels, have a chat to a beefeater, see the crows – which can bite, but do pose for a lovely picture and then once all of that is done you can go for a walk along the River Thames.

The Royal Albert Hall is a masterpiece of engineering.

Historic and eye-catching landmark and home to some of the biggest concerts to come to the UK. This isn’t so much like a tourist trap but well worth the quick visit simply for its architecture. When we went it was a hot summers day and we’d paid for a tour, so it was a welcome release from the sun beating down on your back. Especially with the city heat effect, so the whole place felt twice as hot as what it actually was. The tour was excellent, with a load of back story about why it was built, how it all works and what happens when the Queen comes to a show!

Sitting in St James Park with a cold drink and people watching relaxes you after a busy day.

A stroll away from Buckingham Palace, with a lovely little cafe hidden away in the middle. On a sunny day, you can sit with a cold drink and people watch and see the terrifying death trap mentioned earlier.  After that, you can head down the mall into Buckingham Palace or head along to Oxford Street to get your shopping on!

That wraps up my London series, and I hope this has given any prospective tourists to the city a good idea of how to get around, where to eat, and what to see. If you haven’t read the other posts, be sure to check out the travel and food sections of this series.