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A long weekend spent in Paris.

Last year, Roslyn and I headed to Paris at the end of March to celebrate her birthday. It has taken me a long time to get this blog into the world because, well I didn’t think it had a place on my blog. But I’ve changed my mind and I wanted to share what I think of Paris & what we did when we were there.

The interesting thing about Paris is that everyone seems to think it’s the city of romance, of love and culture. I, however, think very differently of Paris. It’s certainly a unique place but I don’t think it has the romance vibes of places like Barcelona, Milan or even Nice. To me, Paris felt very enclosed, very grubby and intimidating. I wouldn’t want to venture out on my own at night in the city.

We stayed in Montmartre. Which is like the red light district of Paris.

Roslyn picked out an amazing, vintage style hotel in a nice little area of Paris. We were quite excited that it was a 5-minute walk away from Moulin Rouge, you know that building with the windmill, where ladies dance in underwear. What we didn’t realise was how sex-mad this street actually was, we left the metro on a brisk winters morning and headed down the street to find our hotel, passing numerous pictures of women in bondage, some rather large unmentionable pleasure aids and many more things that I don’t want to share. I never realised you could do so much with string.

Looking past all of this though, a short walk up a hill led you to a very tourist-heavy part of Paris which sits under the brilliant Sacre Coeur.  If you brave the walk up the hill or the ride the funicular railway to the top like we did, you’ll be rewarded with great views of the city.

The usual tourist traps are really not worth it

We headed to three of the “usuals” for tourists while we were there, the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and The Arc de Triomphe. We only went into one of them, which was the Eiffel Tower, we did this one because it would offer the best views of the city.

A shot of the "I love you" wall located in Paris.

We’re not huge art fans, so seeing the outside of the Louvre ticked a box off for us and didn’t really fancy waiting in a large queue to get in. Finally, the Arc de Triomphe didn’t seem worth the money, you got a better view of it standing outside the roundabout. However, branding geeks, do take a wander down the Champs De Allyses. It is home to one of the only McDonalds where the Golden Arches are white instead of yellow, worth a wander past.

Disney isn’t as close as you think but worth the trek

We couldn’t get a direct train to go to Disney, we had to get a metro into the centre and then head across country to get to Chessey. I liked Disney in a weird way, it was like you’d just entered a cult.  You shuttled round a land of perfection and smiles, it felt like if you said something negative you would be shuttled off and kicked out.

I didn’t like how the character meetings were laid out, although they did appear in the right land for their person, it was really annoying you could only meet them at specific times during the day. We managed to see Minnie Mouse, who ignored Roslyn for a fair amount of time and focused on everyone else. I’d never been so angry at a cartoon mouse before.

Overall though it was a fun place, the only downside was the queues but the day was fun.

Would I visit Paris again?

Not in a hurry! I didn’t find it half as fun or interesting as I thought I would and the city itself is quite intimidating, busy and very warm. There are many other large cities which have a better reputation, a nicer feel about them and are prettier.

Out of all the foreign cities I have been to, Paris has to fall to the bottom of the list, with Amsterdam still in the top spot. 

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