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Five of my favourite apps for travelling abroad.

I’m a massive geek, I just can’t help myself. So when I go on holiday, naturally, my first thing to check is what apps can I get that will make my time away easier. I’ve tested various apps, all with different levels of success and I’ve narrowed it down to my favourites. The list isn’t exhaustive and I think most of them are obvious, but for those who don’t have them or have never used them then, it’s worthwhile.

All of these apps referenced are available on the Google Play Store but you can likely find them on the Apple App Store too!

Google Translate Logo

Google Translate: The app for helping you understand the locals.

I never want to go anywhere without Google Translate, the real-time translation has been a godsend. And now you have the Assistant with immediate translater mode. Understanding what people are saying and being able to type in what we need to know and get a straight answer? Amazing.

Google Maps Logo

Google Maps: The app for finding your way around.

This is so handy for travelling around cities you don’t know, especially if you have a Wear OS watch, that way you just look like you’re checking the time instead of getting directions! But the newer features of Maps, if you pair it with a calendar that means it can automatically populate: your reservations (going out for dinner? already there! heading to the hotel? check-in date and time is already there!).  It also highlights areas of interest to you, for me this mostly involves restaurants and coffee shops. Annoyingly, spot on. 

Recently they have added a percentage match score which shows which places you are most likely to find the most interesting and you can also create lists of places you want to visit on your holiday.

Instagram Logo

Instagram: The app for sharing your holiday spam.

Who didn’t think I would put this one on the list? Instagram is my go-to photo-sharing app for anything. I use it even if I’m not on holiday. But I also find it a great way to keep in touch with friends and family when we are all away on vacations. I love seeing and sharing great snaps of the best bits of the holiday, it’s like a really cool way to share your holiday slides.

Also, with the addition of stories you can keep your feed clean and make sure only your best shots are in the gallery. I find stories is great to add a little bit of extra information of my day. Quick shots of some funny things I’ve seen, what I’m doing, that sort of stuff.

I’m pretty sure my followers get fed up of it, but I find it brilliant.

TouchRetouch Icon: One my main apps for going on holiday.

Touch/Retouch: The app that’s Photoshop in your pocket.

This has become my favourite app. I have it on all of my Android devices. When I’m out and about and I don’t have access to a computer but I want to share a snap of my holiday pretty quick on Instagram, then I use this.

It’s simple and effective way to touch up photos like fix a spot or remove an annoying sign post is surprisingly powerful considering you just need a mobile device. This one is a must have.

There are many more but these are the 4 I use most regularly.

Although I bet there are a ton of apps I’ve missed when I created this, these 4 are my top must-have apps. The functionality of all of them put together means you don’t need much else.

The only other things I recommend is making sure you’ve got your airlines app installed and for the true geeks out there you can also add FlightRadar24 to your list but that’s only useful if you’re in the airport.

If anyone else has other recommendations of what I can add to this list I’d love to hear it.