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Twitter for Business: How they could make it better for commercial companies.

I regularly use Twitter for Business, not some Twitter a hidden feature that no one knows about, no. I sadly mean I use it for a business.

But the title and the introduction to this blog post, in my mind, shows there is something missing on the Twitter app. Something that they need to rectify, a Twitter for Business outlook, tools, and information that would help businesses further their reach and engagement on the platform.

Admittedly, we do have some of the tools we need on Twitter.

We have been able to utilise some business-esqe tools for a while now and I am thankful for those. The introduction of stats on tweets and the backend analytical platform is an amazing addition to the overall platform. 

The new 240 character limit helps a lot when it comes to creating promotions for certain events and some of the advertising features are a massive help when I want to promote on Twitter.

But we’re still missing some major things.

Scheduling in the web app, this makes brings it in-line with Facebook.

This is a must as a native feature in the Twitter app. It’s used by Facebook for Businesses, you can now schedule or backdate when posting to company pages. The weird thing is, this feature is available on Twitter’s other tool, Tweetdeck, which to me is great as a “for Business” tool, it just needs to have its features (or some of) migrated over to the main platform.

Update: June 2020

Since writing this post, Twitter has now added the native scheduled tweeting to their web platform. This is naturally a good step forward for the company.

Twitter's new schedule feature - rolling out from May 31.

Business pages that include everything about an organisation.

We lack good information about businesses on Twitter. It’s easy to make some easy tweaks to a profile page to include important “for business” features – a location map would be one of those major features I would add, along with some others like reviews from their partner yelp immediately on the homepage. Maybe even review embedding in tweets too!

Call to actions to make a profile a converting resource.

This is something that Facebook has but would work equally as well on Twitter apps. Imagine using businesses profiles as your 1-stop quick resource for finding all you need to know about them, asking a question about something and then being able to go to the Twitter for Business homepage and ordering the product you want. BOOM! Conversion without even leaving the app. 

Twitter has a loyalty problem. This could fix it.

Making the platform attractive for businesses could be its salvation, it already has the organic engagement it just needs the extras. A quick stop platform to get all the answers you need about a business and then ask the business anything additional is great. 

Making the one tweak to how a business can post on the platform is also a great move, understanding that they need to mix a real-time platform with scheduling tweaks will make a better experience. They already have the rest of the tools, now it’s about expanding the Twitter for Business offering. Oh and on a final note, removing the awful “Promote” mode would make a lot of sense. It’s a confusing addition to a myriad of already under-used advertising options and unlikely to go further.  They should look at others in the Market to figure out how they can monetise the platform.

You can also read my other post on why LinkedIn is losing the social media battle. Social Media is growing and it is an exciting time for the companies, as long as they don’t fall behind.