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4 photography apps marketers need in their pocket.

Photography is important in the modern social media era with posts that have media on shown to get an increased engagement rate, but high-quality editing comes at a price. Photoshop and Illustrator for when you are on the move aren’t great, even though there are now strong mobile app alternatives for these available they just aren’t that great.

When it comes to editing on mobile, there are so many alternatives that you now don’t need to spend the earth to get high-quality pictures. Here are my top picks of photography apps for your mobile.

I have included apps only available on iOS and Android because those are the operating systems I use the most.

Instagram: Social Media & Basic Editing

This one has to be the most obvious, one of the biggest photography sharing apps there is, now owned by Facebook. It has a great set of filters, you can edit the brightness and contrast of filters, blur and more. It’s usually my go-to for editing if I’m uploading to my personal social media accounts. Even if I’ve taken it on my Canon camera.

It’s a great free app to use if you want quick results that actually look a lot different and a good quality.

Download: Android / iPhone

The photo editing power of Instagram on show with brightness, constrast, and structure editing.

Post photography editing: Afterfocus Pro.

This is one of my favourite apps and I don’t use it as much as I could. Essentially if you can’t blur a photo with your camera, you can use this app to make the blurring edits after you’ve taken the shot.

It’s really simple to use and makes adding slight blurs really simple, well worth the investment to get the pro version. You definitely have to be careful in how you use it though, you have to pick a picture that works with the blur otherwise it looks really odd.

Download: Android / iPhone

Advanced sharing for social media: Unfold.

This is a relatively new one that can be used to help your Instagram photographs. It adds a lot more style to your stories, a bit more class and some more options to make them stand out just a bit more. Although the stories editing and text additions on Instagram are good, having the extra options that Unfold gives you makes it a little bit better.

I’ve not used it a huge amount, so cannot say too much about it. But other people I’ve watched use it seem to have a good time with it and their stories do stand out much more than the bog-standard stories.

Download: Android / iPhone

Photoshop level editing on your phone: TouchRetouch.

Ever wanted Photoshop in your pockets, but can’t fit your laptop in them? Well, good news friends! Retouch is my favourite app by far and gives you Photoshop level of photo editing. There is definitely a price to pay but’s not as high as you’d expect, around £2.99 but it is well worth it for the editing power.

I’ve used this a lot to remove wires, scuffs, signs, and even people in my photography. All of that stuff you don’t want people to see but can’t edit on the fly.

Download: Android / iPhone

These are my favourites apps of the moment.

I use these regularly in my personal and professional life to edit and as mobile phones become more powerful, the apps to edit will become better so this is definitely just the tip of the iceberg.

There isn’t much else to say here, but if anyone has any other apps they like to use to edit photos I’d love to hear them. If you are interested in more app recommendations, check out my travel apps post here.