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Data Studio: Google’s great way of visualising data.

When you live and breath analytics it’s easy to understand what decisions you need to make, but when you’re trying to convince or show other people what needs to be done then you might need some help. This is where Data Studio comes in.

The little known addition to the Analytics Marketing Platform which has recently come out of BETA, and it’s something I’ve used for a few months and it’s actually quite good at showing data in different ways so you’re not just staring at black and white.

Not everything in Data Studio has to be a number.

An example report taken from Data Studio showing what you can do with it.

The above image, taken from a data studio sample report, shows the importance and the clearness of the report over just text. Immediately the stand out bits of data comes to the forefront; popularity in the United States being the clearest and a spike mid-February.

Management can then pull into that data, are the right countries heading to the website? How do we increase certain areas? What was the rise of popularity? A spike with a large drop shows something interested people outside of a campaign.

Adapting Data Studio to your needs

You can break down data exactly how you want to, that is what makes the application so good. Whether you want a world map or something more granular, like the UK or Canada, you can use graphs to show user retention or a pie chart to show new or returning visitors.

The adaptability means showing people outside of the analytics environment the important numbers and highlighting the pieces that need to change is a lot easier.

It’s a great addition to what is now known as the Marketing platform and has made my job a lot easier (although recently, I’ve stopped using it as much as I could!)

No internet? No problem!

This was probably one of the biggest requested features when data studio was debuted a while back. It was annoying having all of this great data but either needing a Google account, or internet access, to get onto it.

When they took the product out of beta and it became a general release, this longed-for-feature was added. So now you can grab what you want, build your perfect report, export it, and email it through to your management easy!

Since this post has been live, they have also improved the export options you get in Data Studio. You can now easily export your reports in non-editable format to PDF. Which will definitely make it much easier to share key statistics with management and executive level folk in your organisations.

All in all, this tool is a great addition and with more use could become a very powerful reporting tool – if Google don’t axe it before it hits popularity.

My only worry is Google.

We are all well aware of how trigger happy Google is when it comes to managing its products. There’s a whole website dedicated to showing people how many products Google has killed over the years.

My hope is they have a bit more faith in the power of Data Studio and don’t ditch it as quickly as they have the other products and projects. It does annoy me they have so many different products and quickly ditch them all.

The worries subside slightly when I look at the powerful suite of tools they are building into their marketing platform. I think they understand the importance of powerful analytical tools for businesses no matter how big or small the company is.

I see this as the start of a long journey building a powerful reporting tool to latch onto Analytics and all the other tools they own.