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My 2 favourite museums in Glasgow.

I am completely new to Glasgow and I’ve been doing some posts about what it’s like to be brand new to the city. I’ve already covered my favourite places to eat and now I wanted to talk about my favourite museums.

Glasgow is a city of culture.

Before I arrived here, I was warned about the danger of the streets of the city. It’s a violent place, I got told by my old colleagues. However, when I arrived I saw through the talk to the true city. A city filled with laughs, welcoming smiles, and mostly murals and a bunch of talent.

Outside of the museums in Glasgow, I’ve been in a position to meet some of the great artists that call this city home and see all of the extra creativity within the city including the Mural Trail.

The Riverside Museum, aka “The Transport Museum”

One of my first museum visits in Glasgow. I am disappointed I never got to see it in its former glorious home next to Kelvingrove, which I have been told was incredibly impressive. However, its new custom-built home is still quite the building.

The best thing about this museum is definitely the old underground, the Glasgow subway has intrigued me since moving here. Understanding what used to be there, to admire what is there now, is absolutely magnificent. Before I moved here, I didn’t even know that Glasgow had a subway. It may just go around in a circle but it makes life a lot easier.

Outside of that, you’ve got all the trains. Who doesn’t love a good train? A marvellous model boat conveyor belt showing the history of some of the best impressive ships, the before-its-time Sinclair C5, and the amazing old Glasgow street with a pub and shops.

This is the museum for you if you love engineering design and the history of the city.

The Lighthouse

Nestled in the heart of Glasgow, The Lighthouse is my favourite place to be in the city. Sadly, not a lot of people know it’s there. It took me years to find it and I wish I was kidding. Yes, I am aware that it is sign-posted by massive neon lights. I shake my head every time I think about it.

When I found the little gem of a place, I was over the moon. Not only because it’s heavily focused on design, but it also highlights one of my favourite architects in Glasgow: Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The building overlooks some of the famous buildings that Charles made, and just under the tower, you can go and look at all the models of the buildings he made around the city. I regularly head to his building in Helensburgh to get design inspiration when I’m struggling.

My love for this museum really hit home when I visited and was surprised to see a new exhibition centred around Alan Kitching, a really great typeset artist, who I now regularly refer to when I need some inspiration.

I am a regular visitor to this museum now and take many friends so I can bore them.

Where to find them

The Riverside Museum is in the West End of the city, you can grab a bus (the 100) to take you right there. You can also get the subway to Partick and walk, which I can recommend because it’s incredibly scenic. The Lighthouse is right in the city centre, just off Buchanan Street, near the bottom by House of Fraser. You can’t miss it, even though I did for many years.

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