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6 great Glasgow based creatives

Work of one of the creatives highlighted, Sartizan. A small brooch crowded by flowers for a product photoshoot.

Here I am, back to touting my non-nativeness. I just can’t stop talking about how I’m not from Glasgow but the problem I just love talking about it. This time I wanted to focus on some of the pure talents in the city by highlighting some of my favourite creatives.

Glasgow is absolutely bustling with creatives, this city is in no short supply so I won’t be able to get through them all. This post won’t just focus on some of the great painters here, but also some of the others, like the lettering experts, and those with jewels in their eyes.

Breuk Art


Breuk Art was one of the first creatives I had the pleasure of meeting. I immediately got attracted to his artwork, mainly for the soup can designs. But he has many other great works including the Glasgow QR code, Glasgow Subway Print, and the Tunnocks inspired Duke of Wellington artwork, which is now taking up pride of place in my living room.

Claire Barclay Draws


Probably one of the better-known creatives in Glasgow, Claire is slowly becoming synonymous with what it means to be Glaswegian. Her unique style is now instantly recognisable in her art, from the Glasgow Girl tote bag through to the Pure Dead Brilliant, Greetings Fae Glasgow, and Buckie Babe greetings card.

Conzo Throb / Ciaran Globel

http://www.conzo.co.uk/ // https://www.instagram.com/ciaranglobel/?hl=en

These two are amazing, I’ve put them together because I usually see them working together and they complement each other really well. Some of their letter-work is absolutely beautiful, Ciaran’s Pommes Frites work springs to mind immediately.

The next time you are in the city, you should definitely add this to your list of artworks to spot.

Cherry Loco


I first came across Cherry art an outdoor market in Glasgow’s city centre and was completely taken in by her design style. Her amazing gothic style and mix of bright colours makes some amazing unique pieces, like this rainbow rose or this excellently detailed heart brooch.

She definitely has a lot to satisfy so many tastes.

Rachel Millar


I am recently new to the creative world of Rachel, she was recommended to me for her amazing signwriting and she is absolutely amazing at it. Her designs vary and her colour selection is great.

You certainly can’t argue with this piece, or this, or this one. Her work definitely speaks for itself, the one thing I would ask of her though. Please make an oddly satisfying YouTube channel, it must be so calming to watch you make those artworks!



Sabrina is an incredibly talented creative. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for a long time, through copytyper. What amazes me about her art is two-fold. First, the designs she makes are great, the popular characters and creative designs are amazing. Second, the size of her pins is incredible. Creating something so intricate on something so small? Absolutely amazing.

She also has a great set of custom figurines, they look a little bit like POP vinyls but are smaller (and quite adorable) called Sartyfigs. A growing collection of popular characters, and some limited edition goodies if you are quick enough.

I could highlight so many people in this post.

Sadly I don’t think there is room for me to list every creative person I’ve come across in Glasgow, but I hope through my posts through the Society 44 initiative I can highlight some of the spectacular talents across the city and Scotland as a whole.

I’m also always excited to hear about more artists that you think are amazing. Please do send them my way on by tweeting me and I’ll probably make another list in the future.