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Fall Guys: how marketing will help make this the game of summer 2020

What happens when you join marshmallows, mid-90’s Japanese game shows, and all the colours of the rainbow? You get the biggest thing on the internet at the moment: Fall Guys.

Fall Guys is the new style of battle royale but instead of guns, killer gas, and decreasing circles. You get crazy obstacle courses and lots of stupid noises.

I honestly don’t do many gaming posts but the marketing around this one made it too good to miss.

Fall Guys spent a good amount of time building FOMO.

The fear of missing out, shortened to FOMO most of the time, was an excellent secret weapon to the brand new game. It was being developed for years and recently there were a cascading amount of invites that went out to big and small streamers.

This gradual roll out of invite codes created an excellent “I want to have a go” feeling in all of the people who were watching. These invites were timed perfectly so that most of the invites went out not long before launch day.

This timing, in my opinion, was key to making this game as popular as it was on launch day.

It is also designed beautifully and appeals to everyone’s nostalgia with the colours

Some games are amazingly thought through, Red Dead Redemption is one that pops straight into my mind because it’s got great graphics and a really in-depth storyline. Those are the things that make it great.

But Fall Guys is different. Its not designed to be in-depth or great at graphics. What makes this great as a game is it taps into our nostalgia.

We don’t love this game because it’s got top tier graphics or an amazing storyline. We love the game because it takes us back to our childhood.

The Fall Guys game series poster draws people in with simple and bright designs

Not forgetting their excellent social media

I always say to people that one of the most important things in marketing is momentum. A Christmas campaign from one of the major supermarkets, for example, will have a single main advert then it will be followed with print ads, store ads, and social media.

The developers behind Fall Guys obviously had this as part of their plan to keep the game at the top of minds. Because of the long development time they kept a good social media presence going.

This kept a good momentum behind the game creation and increased interest at the time of release.

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And finally, it is designed to be quick and incredibly addictive

The developers have done what all good games strive for. They’ve made a game that once you pick up becomes incredibly hard to put back down.

Each set of rounds are incredibly short so it feels like you’re spending no time at all on it and it taps into the section of our brain that says, “we’ll just have one more go”.

Its also infuriating. All the times you come just close to winning the game, the amount of people that qualify is just enough for you to think “next time I’ll do it”

These two excellent things are what makes this game as addictive and as well marketed as it was. The elements put together built word of mouth anticipation without them running a huge ad campaign. They really didn’t need to.

All of these things together added up to success for these developers and it’s something to learn from.

What the developers did when releasing Fall Guys to make it a success is simple marketing but executed excellently. Building the anticipation for your product or service and then continuing that momentum through to release.

Although it doesn’t work all the time, your end product has to be something worth waiting for and this certainly was.