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4 Creative YouTubers Worth Subscribing To.

Here’s a very BuzzFeed style article for you and one I’ve been thinking about writing for a while. I’ve always struggled to find good YouTubers to follow to help break down my creative block, the people I’ve tried before have always been very boring but over the years I’ve been finding and subscribing to a bunch of folk that help loosen that part of my brain up and I wanted to share so other people could potentially follow them too.


If I had to sum up Jazza’s channel in a short sentence it would be, anarchy with whatever utensils he can find. I subscribed after he collaborated with Google Australia for an April Fools Prank where he “rebranded” the search giant, after watching that I was hooked and have followed his growth from small studio to what can only be described as an artistically chaotic creative enterprise.

I usually watch his videos to wind down and look at the techniques he uses in his drawing and other forms of creation and think about how they can be applied to designs I do. Although I tend to work in much more simplistic design, like logos, websites, and iconography, I feel what he does is adaptable to other art forms and sometimes he has some creative kick starting ideas that really just get the cogs going.

He is also the annoying type of creative person that can do anything he tries. Drawing? Done. Sculpting? Done. Argh. But excellent to watch.

Drawing Wiff Waffles

Waffles has been on my subscription list for a few years, she was recommended on YouTube as an account I would like and I tend to watch her themed videos and art box openings. I really like her honesty about particular art supplies and her style of drawing is really satisfying. She has a particular excellent style when drawing characters and she can bring so many different people to life.

I think one of the stand out videos she does, so stand out it has been used by the aforementioned Jazza, is creating an art work using all of the supplies in a particular colour. So far I’ve seen the red, green, blue, and yellow challenges and I think it’s such a great concept that more people should do it. Having those constraints, for me, would really help get the ideas flowing again and looking at how she does it really does get you thinking.

Zimri Mayfield

Possibly the nicest person in graphic design. Zimri does some great brand redesigns, a competition called Design Chicken Chicken, and is just an all around eccentric and clever person.

What I find most inspiring about watching his videos is, when he does some logo redesigns outside of his other content, he really steps you through his thought process and why he’s doing it so you can fully understand. I have learnt so much from watching his videos, like text positioning, simplification of designs, and letter stretching. He’s definitely really worth a watch.


A new creative channel that I’m subscribed to after the creators of it left popular YouTube channel VAT19, where they created videos which saw the channel reach over 7 million subscribers and become a revenue driver for the business.

They focus on a lot of the content they’ve created for brands but have recently branched out into other videos. I particularly liked one of their most recent ones where they talked about video creator misconceptions around the importance of “the right gear”. Although their style may not be for everyone, I certainly enjoy understanding their creative process.

Although this is just a quick list, I always enjoy sharing how I get inspiration and YouTube is just one of them. I plan to share more of the other sources in further blog posts.