Experienced Marketing Professional Based in Glasgow.

Hello! I’m Matt, I’m a marketer based in Glasgow.  This website along with many of my other social media presences (under the name “eightbitmatt”) are set up so I can share my experiences and knowledge with other people who want to know more.

I blog about a variety of things from Marketing, Social Media, Analytics, and Technology to my real-life adventures across the UK, Europe and maybe someday the world!

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During the day, I head up the marketing, communications, and partnerships for a UK based company and work across industries to build sustainable connections, grow their brand across the world and increase their revenue through marketing.

I’ve got a long history with blogging, and bloggers, working on Glasgow Blogs in my spare time (although operations have scaled back more recently). The community now reaches over 400 bloggers in the central belt in the Facebook Group, and in its prime, the Twitter account reached over 2,000 people.

Professionally, I have helped charities, universities, and private companies use marketing to reach new audiences and engage existing audiences and have used digital marketing to enable the companies I work with to reach thousands of people.

Although blogging is fast becoming a hobby of mine, I also enjoy taking the odd photograph or two and you can find more of that and my travels on Instagram. I enjoy watching the rugby and cycling and can usually be found screaming at the TV during the Six Nations or Tour De France.

I’ve also got a terrible obsession with purchasing tech, especially things made by Google. 

Want to work with me?

I’m always open to working on projects, whether it’s branding, web, marketing, or charity. I’ve got a wealth of experience to bring to any position.