Consulting with a national trade organisation

An important part of a job is the connections you make, during my most recent role I worked very closely with trade organisations and this involved a lot of pinpointing topics that were good to talk about and suggesting how the company I worked for could help.

I worked particularly closely with a trade organisation based in Glasgow and the communications director, as the organisation has no Marketing department they leaned very heavily on my guidance and experience.

I have worked on a variety of things including:

Analytics training and guidance

Helping them understand numbers, campaign URLs, what particular reports can tell them about their website, and how you can add that all together to improve things for the users.

Matt’s contribution to the development of our marketing activities enabled us to start using Google Analytics for the first time with confidence. He was always happy to offer advice, and his input helped our organisation target its marketing spend at areas of growth. 

We turned to Matt again while developing a new website and once again his pragmatic, practical assistance helped simplify a complex and multifaceted process. He was happy to be involved from the start and to offer valuable insights and advice as the project progressed, ensuring we delivered value for money for members.

– Director of Organisation

Website advisory board

Worked with the communications team and wider industry to evaluate and appoint a new digital agency to take charge of developing a new website for the trade organisation. I worked as part of a board of experts from across the industry.

This close working relationship has not only improved their work, my company’s brand awareness, and their image but it has also improved my personal skill level working to advise two companies simultaneously.