Making a software company’s brand sing and dance

When a company starts out, it goes through massive transitions in brands, and personnel as it tries to find out where it fits into the landscape amongst its competitors. Making that brand stand out is one of the most important jobs for someone to do, in my opinion.

There is a lot of competition in the software industry, although the company I worked with were pretty unique, it isn’t just to the customer you need to be a good brand for. You also have to think about the potential employees the brand might pick up and that becomes an even bigger challenge. 

Abstract designs became a friend of the logo.

The logo had become a staple of the company, people recognised it and understood who it was and, with the stage the company was at, I didn’t want to change it quickly. So I used abstract shapes to give an outdated logo a breath of fresh air. Using this and a variety of colour, gave designers, stakeholders and the marketing within the company a lot of choices when it came to creating things.

Colour gave variety and recognition

Two main company products meant that I had the freedom to delve into each of them, giving them both unique branding and unique colouring which could then be adopted by the company. Each product would be displayed with those colours and those colours would be associated with those products.

Contrasting different palettes helped, it made the branding fresh and gave another dimension to the company.

And it allowed room to grow

The most important thing for an SME is room to shuffle or evolve as time goes on. The redesign of the branding assets gave that freedom to them. At some point, there will need to be a major branding refresh, logo as well, but the redesign I did certainly saved money and gave the company longer to consider that.